Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Best of Lakers/Thunder Game 5 - In .GIF Form!

Sorry, I just had to scoop this one up from YouTube. Here's the context: On a fast-break play, Ron Artest -- who damn-near puts a Latrell Sprewell-style stranglehold on OKC's Thabo Sefolosha* -- dishes to Bynum, who effectively throws it down. Maintaining his "get out of my house" game face, Bynum gets congratulated by Pau Gasol in the form of a bump on the shoulder. For a moment there, Bynum doesn't know why he's being pushed aside. As soon as he notices that it's Pau, his teammate, he bursts out laughing. Jack Nicholson heartily approves. Lakers win. Haters, sit down.


^ No foul called. So gully. Better perspective here.