Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sometimes Howard Stern Hits the Nail on the Head...

...and other times he comes off sounding like a fucking tool. The Democrats are communists? You know, last time I checked, the Democrats were putting together a bill that was essentially a blowjob to the health insurance companies. Last time I checked, most of the Democrats, like the Republicans, were corporate prostitutes. If only politicians were required to wear the logos of the companies that pay them, much like NASCAR drivers do. If the leading party in the United States was the Communist Party, the FCC would be the last thing on Howard Stern's mind. He'd be too busy trying to keep his head off of a pike.


  1. Stern is a fool. Mooney knows...

  2. Howard ended up talking about this last week and said this clip was years old. George W. Bush was in his 2nd term and Stern was pissed about something (not sure what it was exactly, possibly the Sirius/XM merger).

    Howard went on to say how happy he was w/Obama (and that he voted for him) & that Health Care reform was passed.