Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wu-Tang Wednesday #1

New feature inspired by the awesome-but-inactive Wu-Tang Mountain. Weekly updates on all things Wu. Su.

Meth, Ghost & Rae - Wu-Massacre
Inspectah Deck - Manifesto
Masta Killa - Live
Plans for the Future


  1. already has wu-tang wednesdays...

  2. jtts does it's thing, but I'd gladly take a Wu-Tang Wednesday, HHIR style anytime. Can't wait for that Wu-Massacre!!

  3. You know when somebody talks too damn much and the bullshit they profess to speak about comes back around to pile up on THEM because their thought process collapses?

    Yo Meth: S.T.F.U!

    Seriously. Don't contradict yourself saying muthafuckas don't know what they tawkin about when you're rambling on about bullshit.

    So you saw the Wolverine movie before it came out when you could see the wires and shit? Who the fuck didn't? What was even the point of him mentioning that?

    Concession stands in theaters? Subliminal messages in movies? You mean PRODUCT PLACEMENT? I tried to listen to his whole diatribe but stopped when I realized I could be listening to actual music instead of his rants.

    Meth just make good fucking records(great ones if you could please), avoid dry humping hooks and STFU.

    I still love you tho man. ^_^

  4. I'd listen to a Mef record over a Fozzie Bear "OHLEHDOIT" anyday,


    I gotta hand it to Waka, he was respectful and got his point across. He presented his ideas and said he still respects Mef. He even called him a legend. Damn. Imagine if beef was always handled like this?

  5. BTW that purple tape 2 idea sounds dope. I still use my tape deck in my car, I made a Low End Theory tape after I copped the CD just so I could have my "Low End Theory tape in, bass crazy kickin' it" ha.

  6. BTW2; that Deck track is garbage. Even the KRS samples sounds completely off.

    I know the man is sharper than that, he was the best thing about OB4CL2 for me.