Friday, February 19, 2010

Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military - Chain of Command | First Peek

Chain of Command
Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military

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Release Date: February 23, 2010
Label: RBC Records

I don't know a damn thing about these weed carriers guys, but new Planet Asia is always a good thing.

Tracklisting + Production Credits + Preview Tracks + Full Album Snippets:
01. Intro (GCM Dateline) (Feat. Rich Curry) (Prod. By Tristate)
02. At The End Of The Day (Prod. By Jazmoto)
03. Riding For (Prod. By J Thrill)
04. GCM Meets ALC (Prod. By Alchemist)
05. 6 Percent (Skit) (Feat. Rich Curry) (Prod. By Tristate)
06. Calzoni (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
07. Sadams Mansion (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
08. All Of The Above (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
09. It's The Chain (Feat. Denise Janae) (Prod. By Dirtydiggs)
10. Detention (Prod. By Evidence)
11. Gold Chain War (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
12. Love 4 Gold Chain (Skit) (Feat. Walt Liquor)
13. Mad As Hell (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
14. Chocolate Honeys (Prod. By Thayoo Ausar)
15. Pleasure & Pain (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
16. Blood Lust (Prod. By Architech)
17. Organic Food (Prod. By Large Professor)
18. Back It Up (Prod. By Masterkraftsmen)
19. Chain Of Command (Prod. By DJ Babu)
20. Future Shock (Prod. By Universal Subjective)