Friday, January 8, 2010

Lawrence O'Donnell Smacks Down Rudy Giuliani's Revisionist History

I haven't been dropping political posts recently because, quite frankly, I've been feeling very disillusioned by the whole political process. My state of mind right now rests somewhere along the lines of these Immortal Technique bars from "Caught in a Hustle":
Trying to fight the system from inside, eventually corrupts you/
But that's what you get when you put a corporation above you/
And it's the people that love you that seem to hurt you the most/...
What can I say? Props to those who continue to hold it down... I'm reading some Fromm and Lenin...


  1. Be careful with that Lenin stuff. I'm from Poland, so I know what it can bring you.

  2. This is lame. So you mean to tell you Ivan and the press are jumping on Jooliani because he explicitly didn't include "after 9/11...(there were no attacks under the Bush admin blahblahblah).

    You know what man? This country is fucked because of bullshit like this.

    Concentrate on the REAL fucking issues and what is REALLY wrong.

    Because otherwise you're gonna kiss this country good-bye and not to terrorists or foreign invaders but to its own ignorance, greed and bullshit mentality(ie. big fat rich old white men that are STILL running this country and will see to it that it remains as blissfully ignorant as it has been until they all die).

    Ivan you're in L.A. and so am I. Grow up. Get your head out of hip hop's ass.

  3. national public radio.

  4. ivan, i'm watching the daily show right now; stewart's on the shit, and killin it.