Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Top 20 Hip Hop Albums of 2002

1. Eminem - The Eminem Show
2. Jay-Z - The Blueprint²: The Gift & The Curse
3. Talib Kweli - Quality
4. Nas - God's Son
5. Scarface - The Fix
6. Nas - The Lost Tapes
7. 50 Cent - Guess Who's Back
8. Xzibit - Man vs. Machine
9. Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow
10. N*E*R*D - In Search of...

11. Snoop Dogg - Paid Da Cost to Be da Boss
12. El-P - Fantastic Damage
13. Clipse - Lord Willin'
14. The Roots - Phrenology
15. RJD2 - Dead Ringer
16. People Under the Stairs - O.S.T.
17. Cam'ron - Come Home with Me
18. Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers
19. Original Soundtrack - 8 Mile
20. Slum Village - Trinity (Past, Present, and Future)


  1. I bought 10 of those albums.

    Man Vs Machine diidnt hold my attention. I liked the Premo produced bonus track.

    Eminem Show: People hated on this a little cos it wasnt exectly like MMLP. But Em was insanely good on this album. Flow was ridiculous on some tracks.

    BP2: Even though it was disappointing compared to BP1, it was still my most listened to album of that time. Inconsistent, but some real quality on it too.

    I rate Cam higher and Roots lower.

  2. God's son was the best album of that year to me. IMO, it is a highly underatted album. Shit, its my second favorite nas album next to illmatic.

    Also, roots should have been higher.

  3. Seems like early 00s were the glory days. I used to buy at least an album a month. Now its nothing like that many, and its not all down to downloading either.

  4. To me, Eminem Show is a much more accessible album to hold the average listener's attention. Marshall Mathers LP was a masterpiece but it was too grainy at stretches for most (in my opinion). There's only one track on the Eminem Show that I skip: Without Me. Otherwise a solid album.

    BP2 was a difficult choice but I had to go with it as my #2. Inconsistent as fuck but I played that shit non-stop. BP2.1 did a poor job of compiling the best of the best.

    If one person says Roots was too high and another says Roots was too low, I guess that means I got it just right :D

  5. I can't believe how they messed up BP2.1. I mean the new cuts were dope but they picked the wrong tracks from BP2.

    Picking 10 of the best tracks from BP2 should have been an easy task but they messed it up. Could have been special.

    Either way, I played BP2 so much I damn near wore out the discs. Both are scratched to f**k from all the playing in my car..

  6. I can't believe you put Lord Willin' so low on the list... DAMN IVAN

  7. FD: Word. My tracklisting would have included Poppin Tags, Diamond is Forever & Blueprint2. But whatever. I understand why they added those singles/pop tracks.

    Jake: A couple good songs weren't enough to make it a top 5 or top 10 album for me.

  8. 2002 was Nasir's Year, God's Son + Lost Tapes, the body of work speaks for itself.

    BP2 is the worst Jay album, so N°2 ?! C'mon Son !

    Most of the time I agree with the albums you choose but not with the ranks. Waitin' for the next years... Peace.

  9. God's Son and The Lost Tapes are defo better than BP2 as bumpable as it was. Nas is positively prophetic (without being too self righteous) on either lp.

  10. Why wasn't Styles P. on this?

  11. The Fix = Best Rap album of 2002 hands down.

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  13. Never would have put Eminem at the top. I played Nas & Kweli to death back then. Scarface was worthy of higher than Jay-Z too. Given the same albums I'd have chosen 1) Talib Kweli 2) Nas 3) Scarface 4) Cam'ron 5) Jay-Z

  14. The Glory Days were 1990 to to 98. 1)God's Son 2)The Fix 3) Blueprint 2 4) Lost Tapes 5)The Future is now 6)Primitive Plus 7)Personal Journals 9) The Eminem Show 10) Phrenology

    1. You need to add 1999 purely for Mos Def - Black On Both Sides!