Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Grouch - Three Eyes Off the Time | First Peek

The Oakland-bred Living Legend is back with a follow-up to his '08 solo album Show You the World. Fresh off his overlooked collab record with Eligh, Grouch recently discussed some background info on Three Eyes Off the Time: "What I'm trying to say with the title is that, I'm well aware of what's going on in the world around me but I will no longer participate in the foolishness that has become the norm. I think it's time people get in tune with how powerful we really are." Fully produced by DJ Fresh, Three Eyes Off the Time is a solid creative effort by Grouch. The album drops on December 8th. Check out the tracklisting, preview track and album snippets below:

Tracklisting + Production Credits + Preview Track + Album Snippets
1. Intro (Produced by DJ Fresh)
2. Daddy's Home (feat. Rankin Scroo) (Produced by DJ Fresh)
3. Whatever I Say (Produced by DJ Fresh)
4. I Love This Game (Produced by DJ Fresh)
5. The Dangers of Online Dating (Produced by DJ Fresh)
6. Make 'Em Think (feat. Marty James) (Produced by DJ Fresh)
7. Allieverwantedwas (Produced by DJ Fresh)
8. Weight of The World (Produced by DJ Fresh)
9. I'm Dreamin' (Produced by DJ Fresh)