Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gang Starr - DJ Promo VLS (2003)

Gang_Starr-DJ_Promo-Promo-VLS-2003-CMS_INT (Rapidshare)
1. Gang Starr - Where You Stand Feat. Jadakiss (3:38)
2. Gang Starr - Freestyle Funkmaster Flex (1:37)
3. Gang Starr - The Revolutionist (4:09)
4. Gang Starr - Full Clip Remix Feat. Sticky Fingas (4:20)
5. Gang Starr - Spit These Bars Feat. DJ Honda (4:17)
6. Gang Starr - Dj Premier Mix Tape (4:04)

1 comment:

  1. Just retweeted this. Your doing great with all these Gangstarr and Big L rips, Ivan.
    Word, thanks.

    I just gotta say something about that "Full Clip Remix ft. Sticky Fingers". I bought a bootleg of this that had another song on it. I was pretty agitated as it is just the regular song with the instrumental added on to the end with an acapella of an old Sticky verse. smh.
    The other side was another 'remix' that was the same thing, except with a BigL acapella pasted on to the end. Pause.
    Just had to say that.

    Thanks again. You're killing with these.