Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So as you know by now, Hip Hop Is Read has been included in XXL's coveted Top 100 list. I'm honored to be a part (not apart - there's a difference, dum dums) of this and I'll be quick to scoop up a copy or two at newsstands, just like I did when Vibe gave me the same honor. It woulda been nice to have seen Rock the Dub in here, but you already know that...

Anyways, by now you've probably looked over the full list (immaculately compiled by ANIMAL), but you probably haven't seen the blurbs they included about each website! Here's what XXL wrote about Hip Hop Is Read:
Ever wonder where rap’s hottest producers get their samples from? This gem of a site is like a virtual dig spot, offering compiled playlists of hip-hops’s original source material, minus all the digital dust, of course.
I guess that's my niche, ain't it? Samples, samples, samples! Well, we've got more samples (a decades' worth, to be exact *hint, hint*) coming your way, so stay tuned...

Thanks again, XXL!

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