Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Stores Today: November 10, 2009

DOOM - Unexpected Guests
Worth the dough? Eh. Download it first.

Freeway - Streetz Is Mine
Worth the dough? Definitely not! This is an unofficial album which Freeway had no part in releasing.

Gift of Gab - Escape 2 Mars (Vinyl)
Worth the dough? Thumbs up! The album's been out for a week already but it took an extra week for the vinyl to hit stores, so make sure you're purchasing the correct format.

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters
Worth the dough? Only if you're a J5 fanatic AND an audiophile.

Melanie Fiona - The Bridge
Worth the dough? You've probably heard this album by now since it's been circulating on the web for a while. Cop if ya dig, drop if ya don't.

Wale - Attention Deficit
Worth the dough? Meh. Not a fan. [Read my mini-review of the album here]

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Meet the Indie Culture, Vol. 2
Worth the dough? If you don't like dubstep/electronica, your interest in the Wu-Tang Clan probably still won't be enough to make up for it. If you're interested in trippy remixes and blends, this is right up your alley. [Read my review of the album here]

Wyclef Jean - From the Hut, To the Projects To the Mansion
Worth the dough? Not really since it's already been (legally?/)freely circulated on all the NMC sites. Still a solid release nonetheless from the 'Clef man.

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