Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HHIR + Brother Ali's Us Contest!

The good folks at WMG have linked up with Hip Hop Is Read to offer you some free Brother Ali swag! Up for grabs are (1) a copy of Brother Ali's Us on CD, (2) a copy of Us on vinyl, and (3) a Rhymesayers Ent. hoodie! In an effort to spread the wealth, we're offering one prize per entry. All you've got to do is answer one of three questions. Each question corresponds to the prize you're vying for:

CD Question
On which popular late night talk show was Brother Ali a musical guest in October of 2007?

Vinyl Question
Fill in the blanks to complete this Ali quotable: "Whoever said ____ ________ ___ ___ ____ ___ dead must have ____ and ___ ___ head"

Hoodie Question
On which track from The Undisputed Truth did Ant sample Margie Joseph's "Touch Your Woman"? (Hint: You can find the answer if you dig through The Rap Up's comments section from October of '07. I know this because I made the comment! As always, Google is your friend.)

...aaaand those are the questions! Simple, right? Here are the specifics: If you answer more than one question, you boost your chance of winning a prize, but you must specify in your e-mail the prize that you prefer. Again, only one prize winner per entry, got that?

Send your answer(s) over to hiphopisread [at] gmail [dot] com

Contest ends today (Wednesday) at 10 P.M. PST. Winners will be chosen at random.

Good luck!!