Monday, November 30, 2009

Bandcamp: Hip Hop Is Read Approved

Word to the wise: I like Bandcamp. If you're a new artist that wants to pitch your music, Bandcamp is the way to go. No attachments needed; no horribly-tagged files to deal with. Just music, straight from the website. No BS. Bandcamp, again, is the way to go. Check out our sidebar's "Now Playing" section. Simple, right? Bandcamp. The way to go. Add a Twitter account with a strong following and you're on your path to success. Want me to hear your music? I might click your zShare/Limelinx/Usershare/Mediafire/Sharebee link - only if I know you. Otherwise, no dice. Bandcamp, please. I won't say it again.


Guy who deletes most e-mails with attachments.

P.S. Sorry if that sounds arrogant, but seriously, if I had a penny for every "media blast" I've received, I'd be swimming in... well, I'd be swimming in a lot of copper-plated zinc, quite frankly.