Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Tape Deck '09: Volume #38

^ Best 'Back-to-School'-Themed Picture I Could Find ^

The Tape Deck 2009:
7 Gigabytes So Far!


  1. Good to see that Live @ London '06 mix made the TD, truly is worth. Can't wait to get the Rae tracks, since ya been hyping it thought i'd best check it out


    Can't wait for the Reakwon Vs jay-z album review ;P

    You endorsing that Scientology add? I normally have addblocker on, but take it off for you're site, don't make me put it back on also we got issues if you're down with the sci....

  2. Ha! I have AdBlocker too, so I never see the ads on my site. Just noticed it and wasn't too pleased... I've set up a competitive ad filter, so it SHOULD be removed within a few house. Please, lemme know if it's gone!

    RE: Live @ London mix. I combined it with the Dead Presidents clip. Listen. You'll be pleased.

    I thought of doing a Rae vs. Jay review, but it's difficult to compare the two. But don't worry, I will review each of them separately. Jay first. :D

  3. You were right about the pic. *Applauds*

  4. tell babygirl if she needs a job i can hook her up. i wanna hear this q-tip track i missed it somehow.

  5. Haha, I like the Ivan xoxo in her hand.
    Nice touch I.

  6. I'm surprised you hating on the Jay album so much. I had low expectations myself but was pleasantly surprised by it. There are some very dope lyrics/beats on that joint. Sure it's not all good and not even close to classic but it's a pretty good album. A lot better than other ish out now. I haven't heard the Rae yet but a friend told me he heard it and it's fireee..... like some real WU hardcore gritty for ya ass

  7. nice post. nicer pic.


    oh, i was going to say something about anonymous' comment, but i forget having an opinion is considered "hating" nowadays. my bad...

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