Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II | TRU Brain Trust Review

I've got a new write-up featured on The Rap Up alongside my TRU Crew; this time we discussed Raekwon's new album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. I offered my brief input on the album and gave it my _/5 rating, but if you'd like me to drop a more thorough review (like the one I wrote for The Blueprint 3), just lemme know! Maybe you want me to review another new album. Or an album from 1988. Do you prefer track by track reviews (it seems so since the Jay-Z one was pretty popular)? Feel free to offer your topic suggestions in the comments section. Danke!


  1. And I quote from your own website (from the Cuban Revolution mixtape post):

    "How could I, an Argentine-born, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro-boosting, OB4CLII-anticipating Wu-fanatic who's already shared a classic Memory Man joint not post this!?!? It's true: this mixtape knocks!"

    The four words after the third comma kinda insinuate that you HAVE to do a track by track review, no?

  2. I want to see a review of the Ghetto Philharmonic's 'Ghetto Be-Bop'

  3. get off raekwon's dick, album was ok not great and def not a classic

    and I think it's funny how he raps the same way every time w/out changing his style up once while rapping about the same subject matter (which is mafia drug music) 95% of the time and noone seems to care.. shit gets mad boring

    another thing, he raps about shit he doesn't do and prolly has never done in his life which is amusing too me.. and he gives at least four different prices of a kilo throughout the album lmao what a joke

  4. "Anonymous" above needs to get off his own dick!

    Let's get that review... fact is, Hip-Hop is so weak these days that I can't get enough of OB4CLII. It's hard to tell how good it is right now because it's been like finding a fucking oasis in the middle of the desert.

    i mean.. what the fuck else would be worth a review??

  5. fact is because hiphop is so weak the dumbass above me and dude who runs this blog praise ok albums as great and that's ignorant as hell

    this album is played out and everything from raekwon sounds exactly the same.. not only that but rae didn't even have a top 5 verse on the whole album, his guest came way harder than he did and that's weak, especially seeing all the time between albums he had you would think he would have came up w something more creative and original

    but of course most of the people here are gonna eat up anything that has to do w the wu and are gonna be biased as hell just like dude who runs this blog is.. but it's all good, there's real heads out there who take music for what it is unlike the dumb asses affiliated w this blog!

  6. hey dumbass, all your posts "sounds exactly the same..." Funny that some one who doesn't even like the opinions expressed by the guy running the blog would spend so much time on it.

    and the fact that you're even posting up here makes you affiliated with this blog! hahaha ha what a fucking idiot!!

  7. A track-by-track review for OB4CL2 from you would be great (I really enjoyed the review you did for BP3). You have a great writing style and you keep it very honest, that's what's needed with album reviews for listeners who spend time deciding on if they will purchase the album or not. I think your reviews would be a highlight of HHIR, hopefully you decide to drop some more for us readers.

  8. Would love to hear a review for the fugees the score, in my top 5 hip hop albums easily. Came to hip hop late spec living in uk and being a young one didnt hear much but this was first album i bought and fell in love with the genre.
    Blog kicks arse by the way

  9. 99% of people who post anonymously are faggots. They have no integrity and no accountability. Basically, emasculated bitches to the lowest degree.

    Anyway, yeah, if you went and reviewed that bullshit garbage BP3 track by track, it would be pretty wack to not do one for Rae.
    Probably shouldn't have even done one for J, he's got enough promotions. Rae should have been first out of respect for hip hop. Lol

    Just my thoughts, no disrespect intended.

  10. You still did a good job on the J one, that's not what I'm sayin'.

  11. @ verge

    how fucking stupid do you have to be to think being anonymous or not makes a difference?

    it's the internet you dumb ass, and logic and opinion don't change based on who it's coming from, who it comes from is cosmetic so it seems like you are the bitch now;)

    raes new album is so 1995, actually a pathetic effort and how can you be great if you don't progress in 10 years musically. the funny thing is how a lot of you fan boys of hip hop think you are the end all opnion on hip hop and what goes on, your real life must be either be really complicated or super simple because no one wants to deal with your narcissistic idiocy.

  12. opinions and facts don't need accountability unless your a "faggot" that can't focus on the meat of ideas and you wanna know who's saying it as if that makes any fucking difference in the idea at all.

    LOL for example what the fuck is a verge, no one gives a fuck and the peopel that do are fucking faggots. the only thing that matters is what "Verge" has to say, not who verge is. you get it yet retard?

  13. I will give Blueprint 3 something over OB4CL2. Listened to both, and am fans of both Wu and Jay-Z. After listening to that "A Star is Born" track on Blueprint 3, I realized that at least Jay-Z is kinda rapping about something else, like his viewpoint has changed over the years and he realized he can't only rap about super gangsta shit all the time. Raekwon is like 42 and still rapping about crack. Otherwise, I still like OB4CL2, that "New Wu" track is a close return to form for Wu-Tang.