Friday, September 11, 2009

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II [The Samples... Project]

Download the full compilation here!

Aaron hit me up -- and bugged me the F out -- a few hours ago with an e-mail full of sample sources for some of the tracks on OB4CLII. I've had a few of my own that I picked up on over the past week or so. But while I don't like to share sample sets that I know are incomplete, I really, really, really wanna share these because A) this is my favorite rap record of the year, and B) the production is quite impressive and revealed sample sources are always a great way of highlighting this.

So here's the game plan: As usual, I'm not going to list the track titles in the post so as to keep word searches out of the picture (seems to be effective since before I did this, my sample sets got shut down on a weekly basis, but ever since I picked up the practice, none of them have been taken down). This time, however, instead of packaging a sample set like I usually do (in .zip format with organized, equalized MP3's and embedded artwork), I'm just gonna post up individual samples from the album as embedded players. In time, perhaps we'll officially release a sample set like the first one.

Of course, we encourage you to get involved! You can help us update this post as more and more info comes pouring in. Like the old saying goes, two (hip hop) heads are better than one! Again, big shout out to Aaron for inspiring my otherwise-lazy-ass to drop this post. Now let's begin (hopefully this won't crash your computer):

01. Return of the North Star

02. House of Flying Daggers

03. Sonny's Missing

04. Pyrex Vision

05. Cold Outside

06. Black Mozart

07. Gihad

08. New Wu

09. Penitentiary

10. Baggin' Crack

11. Surgical Gloves

12. Broken Safety

13. Canal Street

14. Ason Jones

15. Have Mercy

Not 100% sure, but it seems to be the same as this (by The Impressions?):

16. 10 Bricks

17. Fat Lady Sings

18. Catalina

19. We Will Rob You

20. About Me

21. Mean Streets

22. Kiss the Ring

Walk Wit Me (Bonus Track)

Badlands (Bonus Track)