Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jay-Z - The Purple Print | HHIR Exclusive/Download

All of this talk about The Blueprint 3 and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II – and the albums’ vast differences – got me thinking: what if we could somehow merge these two schools of hip hop thought? Suddenly, on Sunday night, a light bulb in my mind just lit up. Jay-Z’s vocals, RZA’s production: why not? I began blending Blueprint acapellas with OB4CL beats before realizing that I couldn’t properly pair up all the acapellas with the beats; so I said “f it” and used some other RZA tracks instead (Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Liquid Swords, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, etc.). The result is a little something I’ve decided to call The Purple Print, though if it were released on cassette it might also be affectionately known as The Blue Tape (or Only Built 4 Memphis Bleek?).

Between Sunday and Monday night, this project took me about three or four hours and I’m quite happy with the final product. It’s gritty and intentionally raw. It’s not better than the original Blueprint mixing (obviously), but it’s the aural equivalent to crossing your eyes. You know how it makes your left and right visual fields get blended into one? Yeah, this is kinda like that. Jigga on the rhymes, RZA on the boards. Something you’ve never heard before. The real best of both worlds (fuck R. Kelly).

I’ll be away for a couple of days, but over that time period I’d like to hear some feedback. This was my first remix album in two years. Am I rusty? Let me know what you thought! If you liked it, please consider purchasing Rae and/or Jay’s new album(s). Hip hop is one (even though I admittedly prefer one over the other, but shhhh). By the way: if you can tell me the name of the kung fu film I used for The Purple Print’s intro portion, I will tip my hat to you. Ha! So… cop ‘n enjoy, please! And as always… turn it up!!

Tracklisting + (Rapidshare) Download Link Below:

1. Jay-Z - The Ruler's Back (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (4:06)
2. Jay-Z - Takeover (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (4:50)
3. Jay-Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A.) (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (3:38)
4. Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (5:00)
5. Jay-Z - Jigga That Nigga (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (3:33)
6. Jay-Z - U Don't Know (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (3:22)
7. Jay-Z - Hola' Hovito (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (3:58)
8. Jay-Z - Heart of the City (Ain't No Love) (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (3:20)
9. Jay-Z - Never Change (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (5:35)
10. Jay-Z - Song Cry (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (3:38)
11. Jay-Z - All I Need (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (4:16)
12. Jay-Z - Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Remix) (3:03)
13. Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls (Pt. 2) (Hurricane Ivan's Purple Print Rakeemix) (5:44)