Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glenn Beck on Clinton & McCain | D.I.T.H.

Hate is a strong word. The only positive thing that Glenn Beck provides to me -- aside from constant laughs -- is a discipline to refrain from hating people in my own personal life. After all, how can I "hate" someone as much as (or more than) Glenn Beck? Can't be done. You see, Beck's message is one of love and tolerance.

I'm kidding of course. But watching this preview clip of Katie Couric's interview with Glenn Beck got me thinking: what's he really all about? In psychology, we're taught to delve deep into the mind - often times that of the disordered - to analyze what's truly below the "tip of the iceberg", segmenting from the conscious to the sub-conscious or hidden. I picked up on a few cues from the interview, interpretting and translating them to reveal Beck's true colors. To some, this is "dog-whistle politics"; to others, psychoanalysis; maybe it's just some plain 'ol fuckery. At the end of the day, it's probably all true - and that's what's so horrific about it. Check out my evaluation of Glenn Beck below for a new series I'd like to call, Diggin' in the Hate:
Quote: I think I would have much preferred [Hillary Clinton] as president, and may have voted for her against John McCain.
What he really means to say is: It's been difficult to have to defend the Bush administration for eight years. Defending John McCain would have been just as arduous and I don't like to be on the losing side. The prospect of deriding the Clinton family once again would have given me sheer joy and would have provided greater ratings potential for myself and my network.
Quote: I think John McCain is a weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt was.
What he really means to say is: John McCain is practically a communist compared to me. How can he call himself a Republican? I hate moderate Republicans with a passion. I wish my party consisted of the clones of Sarah Palin and exhumed Ronald Reagan zombies.
Quote: I think John McCain -- ha, how 'bout this -- I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama. How's that?
What he really means to say is: Did I say "worse for the country"? I meant "worse for my ratings"! With Barack Obama in office, I can put my mental derangement on display to the world by pulling out a blackboard and connecting all of my self-fabricated dots, tying the president to abhorrent people and groups like ACORN, Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Jesse Sharpton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Jay-Z, Leon Trotsky, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, the Detroit Lions, Osama Bin Laden, Woodstock '99, Pol Pot, every African American ever, bald eagles, the 9/11 families and Hurricane Katrina victims - like I said before, I hate black people. With John McCain as president, I wouldn't have had this great ego-stroking opportunity! They say that with Bush out of office, comedians have little to fall back on; but I've got plenty of material! Stay tuned tonight, when I'll be refuting the Brown v. Board decision and organizing a lynch mob. The South shall rise up free!


  1. He's confused, but there is **some** logic behind what he saids. Teddy Roosevelt was an ardent imperialist, a "war hero" and a proud carrier of the Christendom's burden against savages and Semetic conspiracies. But domestically he was quite a populist, took anti-business stances, believed in protecting the environment.

    He sees McCain as something like this. A sheep in wolves' clothing.

  2. ^ All correct, but surely not LESS right wing than Barack.

  3. No offense... but can you get back to posting about music? I mean I get it, ok? I'm not trying to say it's not important, but in all honesty it's not why I come to this blog.

    At least balance out a 1:1 ratio on music/political blogs.


  4. Posting politics is cool, I think there isn't enough political activism in hip hop nowadays. It's arguable that because Obama is in office there should be more political commentary on a hip hop site. A 1:1 ratio would be good. Great blog.

  5. No wonder why he looks like Perez Hilton...

  6. If the people remain in ignorance and the current government continues to destroy the economy Hip-Hop music may be FORCED to return to the streets where it began. The problem with that is that we may no longer have a financial system that allows us to work our way back up.