Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sample Set #2

Here's another sample set I'd like to revisit! Unlike the OB4CL compilation which needed a massive overhaul of new additions, this one's only got a few. As usual, I've re-styled the cover with a better design (it's bluer!) and 600px size. And of course, audio levels have been equalized and I've removed any blank space between tracks. Being that the structure for Hip Hop Is Read sample sets has greatly improved since 2007 when I began compiling them, I felt it a mandatory mission - especially for this one, which just so happens to be among my favorite sets that I've put together. I also noticed that there were a few tracks on the original release with decent-to-meh audio quality. I've acquired new versions for all the audiophiles out there. I might start doing this for all the old sample sets. We'll see. 'til then, enjoy... and turn it up!!