Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aubrey O’Day > Pat Buchanan | Politics as Usual

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A few days ago, a friend put me on to this video of Aubrey O’Day allegedly “praising” Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler. My first reaction was “who the fuck is Aubrey O’Day?” A quick Google search – and a not-so-quick Playboy search – led me to the answer. Anyways, here’s the video of Ms. O’Day discussing Castro and Hitler:

Now as you know, I’m a supporter of Castro. He banished a corrupt government from his homeland and effectively spit in the face of imperialism. And he’s still on his A-game! Rightfully so, O’Day – who I was surprised to learn had met with and “worked with” Castro – called him an “incredibly brilliant man”. Leave it to Sean Hannity, the master of straw-man arguments, to throw out the name Adolf Hitler to try to A) equate him with Castro, and B) trip up Aubrey. Now obviously I – especially being a Heeb – can’t “defend” Hitler. But I will admit that he was a clever man. And O’Day retorted by saying something to the same effect. Facts is facts, but it’s still not a good PR look. The right-wing can have their laughs, but at the end of the day, Aubrey O’Day said something she didn’t need to say and… something that turned out to be true, as provocative and uncomfortable as it may be.

Now along comes Pat Buchanan, a man who has often been criticized for his racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric – even back to the days when he worked for Richard Nixon! (Oddly enough, a great number of the Floridians who fucked up on the 2000 election’s “butterfly ballots” were elderly Jews). Unrelated to O’Day’s Fox News appearance, Buchanan pens an article essentially defending Adolf Hitler and insisting that the Nazi leader never planned on instigating World War II. This is offensive on so many levels it’s incomprehensible.

Buchanan begins the article with this historical image: “On Sept. 1, 1939, 70 years ago, the German Army crossed the Polish frontier.” Germany invades Poland, got that? Now check out this sentence that appears at the end of the essay: “Hitler had never wanted war with Poland, but an alliance with Poland such as he had with Francisco Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Miklos Horthy’s Hungary and Father Jozef Tiso’s Slovakia.” Huh? You just said he invaded Poland.

Another point that pissed me off about this piece – aside from the macro-view of the paper’s thesis – is this little tidbit which directly follows the first aforementioned quote: “Six years later, 50 million Christians and Jews had perished.” Now why did he do that? Why did he lump Christians and Jews together in this sentence? He did it to devalue the loss of the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust. His underlying argument is basically that 44 million, over seven-fold the number of Jews who died, is a much more important statistic. That may be so if we’re strictly focusing on the numeric value of these atrocities. But let’s remember that Jews are a tiny, tiny portion within European/Christian society. By ratio, the Jews clearly suffered the greatest loss of all. Here's the proof: in 1939, there were roughly 17 million Jews total in the world. That means that Adolf Hitler was responsible for the deaths of one third of the Jewish population in the world!!!!! And let’s remember how the Jews died: in ovens, gassed to death, through forced labor, with minuscule food and medicine rations; and the one that horrifies me the most: on operating tables at the hands of “surgeons” performing grotesque medical experiments sans anesthesia.

Look: I’m not one of those Heebs who “plays the Holocaust card”. But I do know an anti-Semite when I see, hear or read from one; and the fact that MSNBC keeps this Nazi apologist on their payroll is appalling. In light of Buchanan’s brief display of candor and his true colors, I’d suggest that MSNBC reconsider their options and replace him with Aubrey O’Day. I’d probably glean more rational ideas from Aubrey anyways; that, and she can gitit!


  1. She's an easy target.

    But if you want a media career never say anything positive about Hitler. No matter how true it may be it just isnt the right thing to compliment a mass murderer.

    A famous old singer once spoke of his admiration of Nazi uniforms and regalia. Clothing. Yet he got destroyed in the media for being a Nazi-sympathiser.

  2. ...and there it is. Good write up. I wish Hannity and Buchanan could get deported to Siberia or Antarctica.

  3. "A famous old singer once spoke of his admiration of Nazi uniforms and regalia. Clothing. Yet he got destroyed in the media for being a Nazi-sympathiser."

    Who are you talking about? I know Lemmy of Motorhead and David Bowie both have displayed outward admiration for Nazi/Axis regalia and both are still regarded as legends in their field. Neither had been "destroyed" by that whatsoever.

  4. I dont normally defend Hannity and Buchanan but they can say whatever the fuck they want. Something you cant do in Cuba. All this money spent to keep Castro alive, while the Cuban people eat shit. Pure bullshit. Now what exactly has Fidel accomplished by "spiting in the face of imperialism." Give it up kid.

  5. For starters, Cuba leads the world in literacy. That's right, they (not we) are #1. If you're even THINKING of saying "fuck that" or "so what" then you prove its validity.

    How about poverty? The population living below the poverty line in Cuba is 1%. In the USA, it's 12.5% Here:

    How about medicine & health care?

    Cuba has superior health care for its people at much lower costs.

    Here's one category in which the USA "beats" Cuba: It's got more billionaires.

    Inter-cultural wealth disparity. What a horrible thing to be proud of...

  6. 'Who are you talking about? I know Lemmy of Motorhead and David Bowie both have displayed outward admiration for Nazi/Axis regalia and both are still regarded as legends in their field. Neither had been "destroyed" by that whatsoever.'

    Ok maybe destroyed is a little overboard but I was thinking of Bryan Ferry. His comments were turned back onto him to suggest he admired the Nazi's

  7. The poverty line here and Cuba is not the same. Yep, we failed our children. Our educational system sucks.
    There are good things we can and take and learn from Cuba.

    The link you posted was interesting.

    "Cubans had to resort to eating anything they could find, from Havana Zoo animals to domestic cats."

    "Preferential treatment exists for those who are membesr of the Communist Party or who hold posistions of power within the government."

    If you lived in Cuba, you wouldnt even have a blog. You can read all this shit online that you want. You should speak to people who actually lived under Castro. You might learn a thing or 2.

    "Typical wages range from factory worker's 300 non-convertible Cuban pesos a month to a doctor's 700. That is only around 17-30 U.S. dollars a month."

    Fidel won?

  8. First of all I'm not generally one to defend Cuban state capitalism, but your comparing a 3rd world country with a developed one. That's ridiculous.

    And Cubans have blogs, and internet access. I've been to Cuba, I've used the internet in Cuba, I've went to political debates in Cuba, to community councils that deliberate on a grassroots level.

    I would like to see some political liberalization and more worker's control in Cuba, but if you would rather be born in Haiti or Jamaica or Mexico than Cuba you're crazy. Any Cuban child has a great education, health care and employment awaiting for them.

    No they don't have the access to consumer goods and yes the dual-track dollar/peso economy is kind of messed up, but honestly it's not like these Cuban kids would be driving around in BMWs if it wasn't for Fidel--- they would be living like the people in Haiti or Chipas.

    And you can see by that Pat B. article that he doesn't respect any OF the Slavs or Muslims they died through Hitler's genocide and he thinks that Eastern Bloc under "Communism" was worse than Fascism. That's disgraceful. Really, really disgraceful. He utterly disrespects all the civilians who died during WW2, who suffered under occupation, all those who died in the holocaust.

    How is he still on MSNBC?

  9. Fidel has said the econonmy was strong before he took over.

    I didnt start poverty rate discussion. Does MSNBC need another lefty? Do you really expect much from a Buchanan article? MSNBC has removed the article from its website.

    You are a tourist. Of course you are going to have access to computers and the internet. is blocked now by the Cuban government.

  10. I'm not much of a Heeb, but as a Ju, I could have told you that Pat Buchanan was a fuckface.
    I dunno if I believe those Cuba stats. As for literacy, I'm not sure how that happened, but the reason so many people are living above the poverty line is simply because of the lack of hierarchy. Castro's not the dictator the media's made him out to be, but I doubt he's the cure for all of Cuba's problems either.

  11. Those figures aren't some fabrication they are objective figures from the UN and NGOs that aren't very forgiving to Cuba.

    Castro is just a man, but the Cuban system has significant merits. Like I said, it isn't socialism, but there are universal, high quality social services for the people. If I was born in the 3rd world I could do a lot worse than Cuba.

    As far as the economy being better before the Castro-era. It was a tourist, gambling and casino based economy with one major crop. After Castro it was a bit more mixed, but with a reliance on that sugar crop still. What changed? Wealth was far more evenly distribution and corruption was curbed. Ask the Cuban people what they think of the revolution. They will tell you. You won't hear too many hagiographies of Castro from anyone but the really old people, but you'll hear a balanced assessment that will state that the revolution did far more good than bad.

    "Cuba: A New History" by Richard Gott is a good book on the subject.

  12. This was a great article. The homie Buchanan has some good political views, with the exception of one major, MAJOR flaw (which you pointed out). And Hannity is a dusche, you can see them setting up O'Day, and I'm sure she knew what was about to happen. Damn shame how the media can take her comments into complete retardation (look at WSHH's title for this vid)

  13. your nativity somehow fails to realize that sometimes you do things you don't want to do, especially when more than you are calling the shots.

    it's rather ignorant to assume that obama, bush, hitler, etc, make all or even more than very very few decisions for their country on their own, they are just a talking head. Not that there is anything wrong with that.