Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why? Sam Seder Will Tell You Why!

Besides the fact that he's a fellow Heeb, I enjoy listening to Sam Seder because he's one of the few people who are well-informed, articulate, well-equipped in debate form, and who bottom line just knows what the f**k he's talking about. That and he's really funny, too. Watch as he tackles one of the least illegitimate conservative talking points ("Why should I have to pay...") with ease.


  1. Word! Took the words right out of my mouth.

    If these conservatives are so "united as one," then lets unite on this and have the government run a healthcare system that will benefit us all, if we choose so. Stop being so selfish.

  2. yup and thats the reality of living in these united states
    you get some you lose
    but at least we have a voice and a change to be heard other countries will kill you for going againts them
    so lets be happy to live here

  3. ^re guy above me:

    compared to any other industrial country our democracy is a complete sham. There are tiny openings for mass movements to force concessions and effect change, but in general the corporate interests dictate policy in this country.

    It's better living here than some 3rd world tinpot dictatorship (that probably received US support during the Cold War), but any pleasures and luxuries have come through struggle and through the labors of working people themselves.

  4. Yes indeed. Not to mention America's prominence was built on the backs of slaves.

  5. I wouldnt actually completely agree with that. Slavery was a precapitalist mode of production... sure it certainly played a role by the industrialists in the north were often the political foes of the planter class. Capitalism helped built a lot of productive forces and there is a lot to be said about what a market can do in allotting consumer goods. The main point is that wealth is the largely a creation of the sweat of workers and not technocrats or business elites.

  6. Yes, I know. But it's also well known that slave-labor (domestic and, to your point, foreign) built this country up to the mammoth that it is.

  7. I've never met an conservative struggling to meet ends meet, living check-to-check with an uncertain future.
    Only pompous motherfuckers with comfy jobs, a few children and a nice suburban home.

  8. Well, those kinda conservatives I understand where they're coming from. They're making money and they wanna keep as much of it as possible.

    What I don't understand are folks in vote against their own benefits and security opting towards illusions of theological and sociocultural basis.

    Must read: What's the Matter with Kansas?

    And yeah, I've met some of these people... in Los Angeles.

  9. Bottom line: America Rules. I love hip hop. Holler.