Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DOWNLOAD: Digital Underground Instrumentals

Courtesy of obscure pop-culture reference

Since Ivan's repping the West Coast, and I'm a huge DU fan, I knew I had to share these. Much props to Adam for ripping these from 12s and records.

Track listing:

1. the return of the crazy one
2. oregano flow
3. wind me up
4. let's go
5. dflowstrumental
6. hip hop doll
7. glootius maximus
8. weesom hustlas
9. doowutachlike
10. no nose job
11. money (goldmoney)
12. we got more
13. hol me down up
14. rockin to the PM (raw fusion)
15. the mission
16. wussup wit the luv
17. your sun iza pimp


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