Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spotted: "Do It All Again" Sample

Smooth over at My Jazz World just blew my mind. He's made a name for himself by ripping out-of-print vinyl jazz records, and I've been a subscriber (you should be too) since nearly the site's inception. Today, he dropped a true gem: Comin' at Ya! by Coke Escovedo. I'm not a fan of Escovedo (yet). To be honest, 'til today, I'd never heard his name before. But as I was listening to track three, I reached a euphoric state. You know when you find a sample not by effort, but by chance?

It was Escovedo's "I Wouldn't Change a Thing" -- not Johnny Bristol's version -- which was sampled on Memphis Bleek's 2003 track "Do It All Again" from the sadly-overlooked M.A.D.E. album. It was one of my favorite tracks of the album the year, for real. So, yeah... That's my random sample story for the day. Here's the sample in question, and below is Bleek and crew's rendition:

SAMPLE: Coke Escovedo - "I Wouldn't Change a Thing"

EXAMPLE: Memphis Bleek - "Do It All Again" (feat. Lil' Cease, Geda K & Rell)