Thursday, July 9, 2009

MC Hammer Bites Back at Conan | HHIR Twitterview

Twitter has offered a whole range of new opportunities to communicate with... just about anyone! If you spend enough time on Twitter, and send out enough Tweets to some busy celebs and artists, odds are you'll get a few replies! I've gotten a whole bunch in the past year, most of which I've saved as favorites, but I thought it'd be cool to begin sharing some of these quick Q&A's with you in a new series I'd like to call "HHIR Twitterview". Not quite an interview, but a "Twitterview". Anyways, last night on Late Night with The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, a joke was made about MC Hammer. I'm a fan of Conan, but I thought the joke was pretty mean-spirited. I asked the Hammer man about it (above), and here was his response:

Bam! But it seems like my original Tweet snowballed into a new discussion! Check it out:
Luicidal: @MCHammer why hate on Conan? Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em

MCHammer: @Luicidal I'm just gettin' started...I got writers needed !!! Just a lil taste of his on medicine !!! fair play !

hgeyer99: @MCHammer atleast Conan can hold onto his money..

MCHammer: @hgeyer99 He better cause Big Bird (Sesame Street) got a longterm contract !!!
Ha! What do you think of the Twitterview feature?