Tuesday, July 14, 2009

David Axelrod & Rakim | Sample & Example

Though it's only been viral for a few hours, everything that was needed to be said about this song has been said already. Now it's my job to do some digging. This one was pretty easy, thanks to the vivid vocal sample. But I slipped up a bit along the way. Initially, I thought the sample came from the 1968 album Release of An Oath by The Electric Prunes, produced by David Axelrod. Instead, it appears that the sample used for Rakim's "Holy Are You" was from Axelrod's Royal Festival Hall performance. I actually got a copy of this last year when it came out but obviously didn't give it a good-enough hear-through to spot the sample on the fly. Anyways, I'm 99.9% sure the sample comes from this recording and not another one. You be the judge! One thing's for sure: the God MC (sorry, Hov) is back!

David Axelrod - "Holy Are You"
Album: Live at The Royal Festival Hall
Year: 2008

Rakim - "Holy Are You"
Album: The Seventh Seal
Year: 2007 2009?

The Electric Prunes - "Holy Are You"
Album: Release of An Oath
Year: 1968


  1. Good work, sir. Speed is an art.

  2. wow that was impressive. you are damndamn fast. muchas gracias

  3. Rakim thinks your a snitch. He's gonna send his goons...all 2 of them. I dare that nukka to diss tech n9ne back...tech will eat rakim alive and spit him back to NY in pieces.

  4. David Axelrod is credited with the writing and the sample Nick Wiz uses is the Electric Prunes' version of the song.

  5. The version that Rakim sampled is the Electric Prunes' version of the song Holy Are You from the origninal recording in '68. David Axelrod did compose and direct the recording of Release of An Oath, which was produced by Dave Hassinger for Warner Bros/Reprise Records. The vocalist for Release of An Oath was Richard Whetstone, who was hired to complete the last two albums for the Electric Prunes. His voice is now heard on Rakim's version of 'Holy Are U' from The Seventh Seal ('09 - RA Records). I know, because I was there and sang the original album, Release of An Oath which can be heard on Rakim's track 'Holy Are U' -

    Richard Whetstone -

  6. Rakim is still around....? Figured he'd have been washed up and out by now.