Friday, May 8, 2009

... Waiting to Happen

Look at 'em! It seems like they're up to something...

Apology in advance to all of HHIR's PYTs. It's guy time right now (nhjic):

I’m sure by now you’ve not only seen the nude pics of Cassie and Rihanna that surfaced on the web in the past few hours, but you’ve probably stored them away on an external hard drive in a hidden folder. For safe keeping. Oh, wait. Was that me? Carry on…

Posing for glamour shots, magazine spreads and the like makes perfect sense. But why do these girls take naked shots of themselves assuming the photos will never surface? First and foremost, the act itself is possibly one of the most narcissistic things imaginable. In essence, you’re taking naked pictures of yourself… for… yourself. Umm… I’d like to assume that these so-called leaks were nothing more but a breach of these aforementioned songstresses’ privacy, but who knows? Maybe this was no accident.

Cassie is a one-hit wonder, known for her single “Me & U”, a track which essentially described her proficiency with the penal system. That penal system. And Rihanna? Well, she started off as Jay-Z’s pure, pretty little flower, but the good girl went bad with her jet-black hair-do, slicker than Rick, with feistier lyrics to boot. Plus her recent curfuffle with Chris “Bobby Jr.” Brown put her on the fast track to attaining Whitney-esque infamy, as prophesied by yours truly. I find it quite remarkable that leaked photos of two pop stars would make the rounds in such chronological proximity to one another, but hey, sometimes coincidences are just coincidences.

The only remaining musing or rumination I can drop on this matter is that perhaps these photos were leaked intentionally. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch given the history of these Hollywood ho(ochi)es. If it wasn’t for the “leaked” tapes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian (sorry, Reggie) getting their pipes cleaned by some random phuck boys, how else would they have achieved their celebrity status? I’m pretty sure there won’t be any leaked videos of Cassie or Rihanna getting their shag on, but Lord knows I’m crossing my fingers. Extra hard (p.i.) for a clip of Cassie AND Rihanna.

The last twenty-four hours have been really exciting © Dr. Okun.

I think I'm we're getting spoiled here. And it could just all be wishful thinking. But who knows, maybe this’ll start a new trend? Lauren London, Brooke Valentine, Keri Hilson, Hilary Duff… Make your next move your best move!

P.S. By my count, the score is tied. Rihanna can take the lead as soon as a shot of her cooter is on my 'puter. What'cha waitin' for, girl?