Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kanye West - Two Words (w/Mos Def & Freeway)

What we have right here is a previously unreleased music video from Kanye West, back when I considered him an emcee. To quote the 'Ye-meister:
"This video never got played because I refused to remove the titles on it. They said people will think a TV show is going off and I said that's the whole point. Wow... even only 3 videos in to the game.... I refused to compromise my vision."
- Kanye West


  1. Darn Ivan i missing Mr.K-West as a MC!
    ....WHy?.......Is like his "Payback" rap!
    Feelin' me?!....

    ~Good find Ivan Propz "G"

  2. Was this nit released in the US? Cos I've seen that clip plenty of times on UK screens.

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  4. I think I still have the original mp3 of this song I downloaded with Freeway's portion edited out... I should find that.

  5. i was gonna say, remember when this vid was out in the uk. Fav track of the album. I miss the dropout days

  6. that was a nice video. nice find.

    kanye still is an mc...dunno what u meant by that line. sneak dissing is not cool ivan.

  7. hasn't this been available forever?

  8. One of the most nonsensical lines ever in hip-hop:

    "2 words: Freeway, slightly retarded"