Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Download: Amor Jones - Epic Failure

I'd be lying if I said HHIR has had the game on lock for past couple months. Admittedly, I've been lazy as fuck since I finished with school which is ironic because technically I've got more time on my hands now. Such is life. One of the cats I feel that I've neglected as far repping his music is the homie Amor Jones who just unleashed this new tape right here, titled Epic Failure. Can ya dig it?

As a fellow Los Angeleno and friend of the site, it's my duty to share this one witcha. Co-signed by Mr. A.W.O.L. himself, Hurricane I. Peep the description via Jones plus the download link below:
The tape that world’s been waiting on (you know rappers gotta exagerate things), Epic Failure. After months of it being pushed back, countless revisions, and even a cover change, it is here lol. I’m hella excited to release this man. I feel like a parent watching it’s child go off to college, you just gotta pray the best lmao. I put all my time/energy/verbal abilities into making this tape something timeless. This is my introduction to hip hop in a sense. I just want people to see that Amor Jones has something to say & that I’m gon say it LOUD lol.