Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bun B on The Sound of Young America


Via Maximum Fun

A great interview with the smartest guy in hip-hop on the L.A.-based radio show the Sound of Young America* Tremendously informative, I can't recommend this enough. If you like this, check out some of the other hip-hop interviews Jesse has done on the show here and spread the word.

Stream it here

The Sound of Young America -  Interview with Bun B (zShare link)

*Tied with Killer Mike, 'natch.



  1. Man... I'm glad this interview was posted. It has a great, indepth information on what UGK was all about. But more importantly, this interview was done intelligently and I didn't have to hear "know what I'm sayin' after every sentence & all the dumb sh*t sum of these dumbasses b sayin'.... know what i mean...

  2. TIED WITH KILLER MIKE? cool, Killer mike's was pretty good

    //goes to itunes to subscribe again

  3. Didn't listen to the interview yet, and don't have much by him. But the first contact for me was~SO "Tired" with Hitek, and i was loopin' the track over and over again for weeks!
    His voice hypnotize ya to do better in life..LoL
    And for Killer Mike, i was in high school when i came with contact with his tapes...need to say more..;)~Straight heaven "G"

    Thanks AaronM for keepin' us Up2Date..~Peace

  4. that was funny how bun b responded to that comment about "pocket full of stones"

  5. Anon: Word. He corrected him so politely, but I still kinda thought "Oh snap!"

  6. Finally got a chance to listen to his and... holy shit. I knew Bun was superintelligent but I'd underestimated how real and direct he could be on topics. Hearing him talk about mourning Pimp, etc... moving.

    Thanks for posting this.