Friday, April 10, 2009

"The Rumors You Heard Ain't Slander..."

"[Byron C] don't give a fuck about a goddamn by-stander"
- Willie D of Geto Boys; "Read These Nikes"

So I guess the first thing I had to do mid-way through watching this video was Google: "who the fuck is Ashley Logan". I'd read Bol's pieces on this chick previously, but I had never heard of her before and had no clue as to what she's all about. And basically she's complaining over the fact that Bol's doing... what Bol does. You'd think she'd be able to take that shit and just move on, but nope. She hops on Kay Slay's show to "air him out" complaining about the rumors that she's spread around the herp'. Notice, however, that she never states that the rumors are false. She kinda dodges the topic at around the 2:20 mark. Hmmm... Just because something is A) a rumor, and B) something you don't want talked about on the blogs, doesn't mean it's not true. I'm just saying...

And either way, don't you just love it when people with inflated egos make a big deal out of the things that other people say. You know, the same people they consider to be insignificant.

To add the icing onto this vanilla cake, DJ Kay Slay throws his opinion in too: "I've got a name for that shit - thug-blogging". You know, because Kay Slay is NOT a DJ who has profited off of hype-fabricated hip hop beefs. DJ "Drama King", Addicted to Beef-dropping Kay Slay. Again, just saying...

But the greatest takeaway from this video has got to be the gay-bashing vulgarities from Ms. Logan:
"Looks like a faggot, he writes articles like a faggot, I'm sure he takes it in the butt like a faggot. Like, he's a faggot."
You stay classy, Ashley. Like, like, like...