Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Diggin' in the Crates with... Volume Two: Dr. Dre

Original Artwork by Mad Drawings
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"They say a party ain't a party 'til the West at it"

Just last night, the Los Angeles Lakers finished their regular season, reigning supreme as back-to-back top seed picks in the Western Conference. As the Lake Show doubled up, I decided to put together the second volume of our D.I.T.C. series, this time featuring a hometown hero: Dr. Dre. You might recognize some of these classic samples, many of which were the source for co-productions with beatsmiths like DJ Yella, Sam Sneed, Mel-Man and Mahogany. My aim, once again, was to present a well-rounded selection of cuts that Dr. Dre has popularized through his beats - most of which I would have never heard had he never sampled them! The tracklisting plays in an almost-chronological order, spanning over two decades worth of spun soul, jazz, and of course – funk! As for the artwork, Lakers purple and gold was a prerequisite.

Like we always do around this time, the ID3 tags are a bit different from our sample sets. I’ve removed the "['...']" data, opting towards a simpler tagging of just the original song titles. But like we did with Volume One, I encourage you to try to figure out which Dre beat sampled which of the included tracks, by participating in the comments section. So I guess the main question is: Are you up on your sample knowledge? Prove it!

The Lakers are going for the gold this year; and the party’s just begun. Enjoy… and turn it up!!


SAMPLE GAME UPDATE: Props to Soloe for tracks #2, #7, #9-#11 & #19-#21 Props to H. Bomb for tracks #13, #15-#18 & #23 Props to Jeff for tracks #8, #14 & #22 Props to Dejuan for tracks #5 & #6 Props to me for tracks #4 & #12 Props to BHM for track #3 +1 Bonus props to Eric for track #3 :D Props to no one for track #1 - not necessary
The Amazon player embedded above contains tracks #1 through #23 EXCEPT for #22 - "Hollywood Hot". That track was sampled for "Bad Intentions" by Dre & Knoc-turn'al, hence the reason I included it as a Mid-Day Insomniacs Club post. Phat shouts to everybody who participated in HHIR's DITC sample game. See you next time for Volume Three... Which producer should we spotlight for the third installment of the series? Let your voice be heard in the comments section