Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sample & Example: Smoked Sugar & The Alchemist

Requested by Ame:

Whilst diggin' in the e-crates for our Ownerz sample set, I came across not just the Smoked Sugar track that I needed ("Bump Me"), but in fact their entire self-titled debut album. One of the tracks from this soulful mid-'70's record was, of course, "Keeping Up My Front", flipped on the latest Alchemist joint which I posted, back on The Tape Deck #5 (along with the instrumental version posted on #9, a special instrumental edition). Sample & Example posts have been admittedly less frequent than when we started out, but as long as we keeping getting requests, I don't see why we can't change things up a bit once more. Enjoy:

"Keeping Up My Front" by Smoked Sugar

"Smile (Hide My Tears)" by The Alchemist (feat. Twista & Maxwell)