Friday, March 6, 2009

Gang Starr - The Ownerz [The Samples... RELOADED]

Back in June of '08 (a rough month for me), I dropped a severely incomplete sample set for Gang Starr's 2003 classic The Ownerz. In all, I think I had something like ten tracks on it. Lame. I shouldn't have rushed it... Eager to show me up, Kevy Kev dropped a set of his own with 22 samples. For months now, re-upping my set with the tracks I missed has been sliding around on my list of things to do. 'Til now. As I was (re-)digging the e-crates, I came up with the same 22 tracks that Kevin got. Plus 16 more! Yes, yes y'all! This set right here has got a total of 38 samples! Not bad, huh? Knowing Premo, though, I'm sure I'm still missing some stuff... Turn it up!

Additional Note(s):

Props to Skeme for info on the Junior Walker sample!