Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leaders of the New School - A Future Without a Past [The Samples]

I oughta quit the slick-talk and just redirect you to this great essay by Thun, via the T.R.O.Y. Blog. Offering an in-depth look at the members of Leaders of the New School's origins, Thun documents the group's roots and contextualizes their debut record, A Future Without a Past. It's a noteworthy piece of journalism that I urge you all to check out. Additionally, T.R.O.Y. also hooks us up with a pair of compilations containing the Leaders' non-album cuts, including remixes and interviews. While you're at it, go ahead and subscribe to the blog, too. Strongly recommended.

Ain't much I can say about this set aside from the following: This one's nothing but some good, ol' school music! There are no new rap tracks -- aside from Spoonie Gee's "Spoonin' Rap" -- to shake up the vibes of the '50's/'60's/'70's content and feel of the set. At a little under 2 hours long, this playlist rides out smoothly. So... enjoy! And turn it up!!