Thursday, February 12, 2009

VIDEO: No I.D. & Killer Mike In The Studio

Courtesy of Maurice Garland by way of Nah Right

As promised in my interview with No I.D.:

A.M.: How did you hook up with Killer Mike?
I.D.: Me and his manager are real cool. That’s how I met him. I used to go over to Purple Ribbon and he’d always be there. He’s one of my good friends. He’s probably one of the people I’ve met in the industry that I know I want to work with and do a whole project with. He wants to do a whole project with me and I really want to go back to that place of trying to make a classic album. We’re going to do a whole album together.
A.M.: All No I.D. production?
I.D.: Pretty much. If not, then me influencing the direction, me executive producing it. We also about to do a mixtape, me, him and [Don] Cannon.

I can't wait to hear the mixtape.