Friday, February 6, 2009

Twitter E-Beef = Comedy Gold

Granted, this was all in jest, but to any onlooker, or just a straight-up fool, this exchange between DJs Green Lantern and Clinton Sparks was as real of a conversation as it gets:
ClintonSparks: @DJ_GREENLANTERN hello evil penis! whats new? i see you've been laying under the moon...are you afraid of the sun dude??

DJ_GREENLANTERN: @clintonsparks actually ive been laying under ur mom...ive been getting that ok to say on twitter..fuck it (we'll do it live)

ClintonSparks: @DJ_GREENLANTERN i didnt know you liked them that big & wonder ive never seen u around anything but men.

DJ_GREENLANTERN: @clintonsparks mom (not Baby Mom) will be on my show this monday...i will be showering her with gucci and she'll be shitting on him..LIVE

ClintonSparks: @DJ_GREENLANTERN huh? that doesnt even make sense...if ur gon play this game your gonna have to make sense superhero to the hood.

DJ_GREENLANTERN: @clintonsparks its a reference to a current event in hiphop feat. a huge star

DJ_GREENLANTERN: @clintonsparks whatever, u lost...haaa
Will it never end? Let's hope so.

UPDATE (hello TSS readers!): It continues!!!
ClintonSparks: @DJ_GREENLANTERN yeah but your translation was a reference to an illiterate interpretation of english.

ClintonSparks: @DJ_GREENLANTERN i am 50 & you are will never out joke me , tough guy. stick to being scary w/ gun shots.

ClintonSparks: @DJ_GREENLANTERN im holding back...pause...your turn.

DJ_GREENLANTERN: @clintonsparks and u should defntly not stray from the Ryan Seacrest lane...its competitive over here in the scary gunshot lane

ClintonSparks: @DJ_GREENLANTERN not for you buddy. in the word of the slick one. "there is no competition cause we are the best here"
What will tomorrow bring?