Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sample & Example: Kix & Obie Trice

^ My (lame?) attempt at some quick, 4:00 AM* Photoshop humor ^

Let it be clear: I am not a fan of glam metal. But as soon as I heard this new Obie Trice track -- a glimpse at his upcoming album, Bottom's Up -- I was compelled to track down the sample. A quick Google search led me to the Maryland-based band Kix. What do you think?


"Don't Close Your Eyes" by Kix


"Can't 4eva" by Obie Trice

Is it me, or is the Ob'ster sounding more 'n more like Jigga...?

*...aaaand I'm off to bed....


  1. his flow does soung JUST LIKE jay

  2. he does sound like Jay on this

  3. he sounds nothing like jay what are you talking bout the whisper flow everybody does that time to time if you listen to music you can clearly hear the difference between the two!! trice is dope his subject matter is the streets