Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Allow Me to Retort...

To all my "loyal readers" who have become so utterly disgusted that they are now revoking their subscriptions:

Where were you when times were "good"?

Why does it take a Photoshopped photo of what Rihanna probably looks like right now to get you all riled up about my blog?

As far as guys go, I'm as much of a feminist as it gets. But I also have a dark and crude sense of humor (which I rarely share with my readers). If only you got too know me a bit better... But how illogical is it to assume that since I posted this picture, I must be an advocate for male dominance and/or domestic violence? If you were reading my Twitter updates all day, you'd know otherwise. If you're so sensitive to the extent at which you'd stop visiting my site because of this photo, I've got two things to say to you:

#1) Thank you for sticking around for as long as you did. The content on the blog will, for the most part, revolve around the same issues and niches I've always covered. It's a shame you'll be missing out. C'est la vie.

#2) I always assume that Hip Hop Is Readers and I are like-minded in more ways than one. I always assume that we can take the same kind of jokes. I assume that the readers are similar to my friends. And FYI, my close friends' worst possible reactions to this photo would be something on the lines of "oh, c'mon Ivan".... And then they'd just keep it moving.

And that's exactly what I'll be doing...