Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hip Hop Is Read Sample Set #117

One of the greatest aspects of my hobby of digging for sample sets -- aside from compiling the final product -- is the wide array of information and trivia I come across along the way. Here's something you may not have known: the cover for Showbiz and A.G.'s Runaway Slave was (clearly) inspired by this cover (to the right) of Stone Alliance's self-titled 1976 LP. Not only that, it's worth noting that the title track on Runaway Love samples Stone Alliance's "Sweetie Pie" (yes, from the same album). I dunno why, but I find that kinda ish fascinating. Moving along...

This set's got a total of thirty-two tracks, eight of which have appeared on previous sample sets. That means we've got twenty-four new joints in store for you! Included in this set is a playlist full of rare jazz tracks that were, I'll admit, quite difficult to track down. But I got 'em! Some props are due to Wall Street Radio's Johan Wicklén who verified which David Shire track, from the score for the film The Taking of Pelham One Two Three -- which, subsequently, is being remade this year starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta -- was sampled on "Hard to Kill". I'd also like to give a big shout out Joe McGasko of WFMU for facilitating the O.C. Smith sample which I couldn't find any... where... else! I (very, very) rarely include stream-rips on HHIR's sample sets, but this one sounds pretty clear. Thanks again Joe!

Like I said before, this sample set is mostly packed with classic drum breaks and obscure jazz samples (Showbiz clearly focused on interesting horn riffs and arrangements). But I've also got a few excerpts from the late, great Malcolm X which I'm proud to include in this set! The excerpts are taken from a speech entitled "Message to the Grass Roots". (If you want the full MP3, you can get it right here; and if you want the text, you can get it right here). Just for kicks, check out this video of Mos Def reading a portion of "Message to the Grass Roots":

Another quick bit of info: the cover used (Photoshopped) for this sample set is that of the original release! There is a new cover from the re-issue of Runaway Slave which gets rid of the brown-ish border and dark, clockwise-running text. The original LP with the "old" cover can cost upwards to $100 or more! Anyone here got a copy? Just curious... Anyways, this sample set took me hours to compile (one of my most diligent efforts along with, probably, the Black Sheep set), so enjoy it! And as always, don't forget to... Turn it up!!