Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can Lil Wayne Top Hip Hop's King of Rock?

My usual morning routine consists of checking Google Reader for all the news and music I've missed overnight. Well, this morning I didn't check Reader. So when I got home at around 6:00 PM, I had a lot of reading to do! Lots of music came out today, most notably some newness(?) from Jay-Z and Jim Jones. But the track that blew my mind was the new Lil Jon banger "Killas", featuring The Game and Ice Cube.

As crazy as it sounds, I've been anticipating Lil Jon's new album for a very long time. Say all you want about the monotony of his "Yeah", "What" and "Okay" chants, Jon knows how to get down with some serious crunk rock. Now as we all know, Lil Wayne is apparently putting out a rock album. You've heard "Prom Girl", right? Horrible, right? Well, to be honest witcha, I'd like to see where this is going. Will we get to see a Jon/Weezy chart-battle a la Kanye vs. Fiddy? Time will tell. All I know is that Weezy ain't got shit on Lil Jon.

To me, "Killas" sounds like "Born and Raised in Compton" and "Rap Superstar" mixed with crack and steroids. What do you think?

Lil Jon - Killas (feat. The Game & Ice Cube) [SHAREBEE]