Friday, January 2, 2009

Life Is... 2009

I'm still rising down from all the fun and festivities of the past week or so. Meanwhile, I'm trying to rise up from all the heartache taking place in the Holy Land (Shalom!/Salaam!). Here's to a peaceful 2009!

Don't think I dropped the ball on recapping 2008. I've waited 'til 2009 to officially look back at the previous year. I'll be dropping in here and there to hit you with some lists, but most importantly, some write-ups (what's a year-end list without an explanation)? Bear in mind that I'm still completing my final semester of college (I'm literally days away from my degree! yay!), so things will be slow around here for a while. Once I'm done though, you'd better believe that this place is gonna be active once more. More writing. New sample sets, new Tape Decks, and new reviews. A new president. People... have a happy new year!