Friday, January 9, 2009

Hip Hop Reps for Oscar Grant

A few days ago, I broke the news to some of you about the injustice that went down in Oakland on New Years Day when a BART officer gunned down Oscar Grant III, who was unarmed, handcuffed and subdued to the ground. Since then, major shit has been going down in Bay, and rap scholar Mr. Davey D has been on the case ever since. He hit the streets to film the protests and riots currently taking place, and he was even fortunate enough to bump into some emcees who've got something to say on the matter as well. The video above is part 1; part 2 and 3 are below.

Courtesy of Makani Themba-Nixon, here is a list of five things you can do right now about the Oscar Grant shooting:

1. Digg the story so that the national media can pick up on it: Oakland Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Man, Handcuffed Man.

2. Contact BART Director Carole Ward Allen and demand that 1) the officers involved be taken off duty without pay and charged and fully prosecuted; 2) there be an independent investigation of the shooting that includes a review of training and hiring practices; and 3) BART establish an independent residents' review board for the police. Call her at (510)464-6095 or email the BART Directors at

3. Call the BART police to complain about the officers' conduct and demand immediate action:
Internal Affairs: Sergeant David Chlebowski (510)464-7029,
Chief of Police: Gary Gee (510)464-7022,
Call them toll free at (877)679-7000 and press the last four digits of the phone number you wish to reach.

4. Talk it up on your blogs, networks and talk radio shows (call Michael Baisden (877)6BADBOY or Rev. Al, etc. to get this on the national radar).

5. Stay tuned for other actions, protests, etc., especially if you are in the Bay.

...and spread the word! This injustice will not stand.