Monday, January 5, 2009

Giant Magazine <3 Hip Hop Is Read

One of our readers apparently hit the roof when I announced -- thanks to Nation's email to me -- that a cover for one of Hip Hop Is Read's sample sets replaced the original album cover itself on a Best of... list on I thought it was hilarious, but apparently others clearly thought I was just getting on the high horse and showing off for something that I didn't work for/achieve. Well, what can ya say now:

Giant Magazine recently published a list of the top 8 mixtape covers of 2008... and the worst covers, too! But they also included the top 8 mixtapes of the year as a bonus list! Guess who made #3, miraculously defeating Wale, Ludacris & Re-Up Gang? Oh, you betcha! Again, the content on the mixtape was not necessarily a HHIR exclusive, but this was the only site where you could get a (1) quality, (2) split-track, (3) full performance set of Jay-Z's performance in Glastonbury. It took me a few hours to do all that work, so I'm honored by Giant's recognition.

Click here or click the cover above to check out Giant's list.

P/S to Smokeyyy for the heads up!