Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Download: Stan Ipcus - Bachelor Party

"This mixtape/album is called Bachelor Party because it was recorded over a year and a half period before I got engaged where I was off the hook, doing lots of shows in and out of New York, messing with all sorts of chicks and getting twisted every night. The songs on this album are the true reflection of a fly westchester county whiteboy from White Plains, NY who has flirted with fame and tasted the life without ever having a record deal. I put this album together myself with the assistance of my boy Max Bee who played some instruments on some of the songs, but all the loops, samples, arrangements, and lyrics come from me. This is my baby. And shout out to my childhood friend Matisyahu for letting me grace so many big stages, from MSG to the Greek Theatre in L.A. and everywhere else in between, and also for putting me on his platinum record."

- Peace...ip [LINK]

Tracklisting + (Rapidshare) Download Link Below:
1. Intro (Live from Madison Square Garden) (0:23)
2. Kapow! (1:09)
3. Almost Thirty (2:10)
4. Hammer (feat. Matty B) (3:18)
5. Stiffler (Interlude) (0:20)
6. Rap Video (2:55)
7. Brainiac (3:15)
8. Dan Dynamite (3:32)
9. F Bombs (2:29)
10. Fly Whiteboy Shit (2:39)
11. Gadush Gadush (2:37)
12. Get Horny (feat. Arctic Monkeys) (3:43)
13. Ippylicious (3:38)
14. Wedding Crashers (Interlude) (0:46)
15. Highlands to Hollywood (feat. Matty B) (2:42)
16. Don't Mind Me Miss (3:58)
17. Sparkseekers (feat. Matisyahu) (Live from Hammerstein Ballroom) (2:49)
18. WP (Beverly Bond Remix) (feat. Matisyahu) (1:05)
19. Westcheddar (2:48)
20. Let's Walk (2:54)
21. Victory (feat. Matisyahu) (Live from Harry O's, Park City, Utah) (3:34)
22. Wifey Material (4:07)
23. Vince Vaughn (Outro) (0:11)
24. My Ferris Buellers (Bonus) (2:35)
25. The Great White Hope (Asher Roth Diss) (Bonus) (3:16)