Monday, December 15, 2008

Support Legendary Emcee Paris! Get Him on MTV!

Beginning today, Paris, the revolutionary emcee who brought you classic albums like The Devil Made Me Do It and Sleeping With the Enemy will face off in a voting competition to earn a spot on MTV's rotation. Truth be told, I haven't watched MTV in years (I kid you not) because they hardly ever play any music, and the little music they do play... well, it's not... that... good. But Paris makes the kind of music that people need to hear, and it'd be wonderful to get his face up on MTV. Kinda like a big "fuck you" to all the corporate heads; feel me? Paris and Guerilla Funk need your support in this effort! Again, here's the 4-1-1:

From December 15th 'til December 26th, you can vote for Paris at Like Al Capone would say, "Vote early and vote often". Not only that, spread the word and get your friends to vote as well. If Paris wins, this is a big win for good hip hop.


Ah, remember the good ol' days...