Monday, December 1, 2008

88-Keys, Evidence & Termanology on The Wake Up Show!

Over a year ago, I quickly flipped on record while listening to The World Famous Wake Up Show, because RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan was on and he was discussing their new album, 8 Diagrams. I was really glad that I recorded it, because he premiered a few new songs from the album. My radio rip was quickly dispersed across the internet. Do you remember?

Well, I've got another Wake Up Show radio rip for you tonight. This one's really special because it features three prominent artists, each of whom made some serious noise in '08. I'm talking about New York's 88-Keys, L.A.'s Evidence and Boston's own Termanology!

I recorded the entire show and deleted all the commercials so you could enjoy a seamless playlist of fun interviews and great hip hop. I hope y'all appreciate the effort. Holla back if you like this kinda stuff, and I'll try 'n record more of these shows in the future. Aight, let's get to it:

Here's an RS link in case ZS goes down (shit happens):

Wanna cut through the show and just find out about the interviews and freestyles? Here's a brief synopsis I put together with some highlights 'n whatnot:

88-Keys begins speaking with Tech at around 5:00 in the radio rip. He discusses the artists he's worked with in the past, as well as his pet peeves of people leaving out the "-" in "88-Keys". Apparently it's very important! Soon afterwards, at around 10:20, Tech and Keys start talkin' about southern rap's influence on New York and east coast radio. Roughly 6 minutes later, 88-Keys spits a (pre-written) freestyle over Heltah Skeltah's "Everything is Heltah Skeltah", one of my favorite beats of the year.

Evidence steps in at 21:00 and discusses his first official mixtape, put together by DJ Skee (which you can download for free at dubcnn). Evidence also fills us in on his album set to be released in 2009, Cats and Dogs. Evidence catches wreck at around 30:30 and drops yet another one (a freestyle) at 38:20.

Termanology introduces himself at around 48:00. Term' fills us in on the How High tour he's been participating in with Redman and Method Man. Tech asks him what the craziest thing he's seen on tour with Red and Mef has been. His answer might surprise you! But knowing Funk Doctor Spock and the Ticalian Stalian, maybe it won't... They spend a lot of time spinning Term' records from his stellar album Politics as Usual. Termanology drops some rhymes off the top of the dome at 53:50. He goes on for about two minutes straight!

Next up, mystery guest Hectic pops in unexpectedly for a surprise freestyle of his own, at around 71:05. If you've listened to the new Big Shug album (Other Side of the Game) you know who he is. Hectic appeared alongside Shug on the MoSS-produced "123 Bang" which also features Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles.