Monday, November 10, 2008

What the Blog?

So Blogger deleted the three recent S&E posts... Effing A!!!!!!


  1. Yo, I got a blog too and noticed that I keep getting DMCA notifications for any Nas or Jay-Z tracks I have up. I'm guessing they are coming after the Kanye shit too. They took down my Ludacris posts too. Seems like anything Def Jam related gets deleted.

  2. DUDE me too, I had a Kanyeezy track taken down.. I noticed it was right after I took down the "For promo only" disclaimer I had up..

    I got an e-mail from DMCA and was type heated, damn authorities.. Ugh

  3. There's the man, tryna hold us down.
    =( phooey!
    At least you live to blog another day. Hopefully they don't intensify on the cracking down, I've been hitting this blog up almost everyday!