Saturday, November 22, 2008

That New Album by That West Guy [The Samples]

So far, these are all the samples we know of. More to come... perhaps? We'll see... Enjoy these 'til we're certain. Turn it up!!


  1. Ivan,

    For this up, and the one before that, and all others previous to that just mentioned, thank you.

    May gold line the road to your humble abode,


  2. You missed 2 samples

    There is another sample on RoboCop which is “Estella’s Theme”, a song from the score of the 1998 movie Great Expectations.

    and there also is a sample on Anyway(Paranoid)
    I dont remember the name of the sample but I belive it is by The Alan Parsons project

  3. Paul: Thank you for the kind comment Paul! :D

    Bulldog: "Estella's Theme" is from Great Expectations, yes. But the actual GE sample for RoboCop is a track called "Kissing in the Rain". Watch the movie (or download the score) and you'll see what I'm sayin'. The version in my set is the right one. As to the Alan Parsons Project sample, yes, "Heartless" uses one of their tracks as a sample (and it's included in my set). I'm not so sure about an APP sample in "Paranoid" though...

  4. Oh well I heared about the Heartless sample not sure if it was real, and I could understand the RoboCop Sample

    But none the less props for this, went stright to Itunes

  5. Yo sorry for double post but here is the Paranoid sample:

  6. Thers is NO sample for"Paranoid" ..Bulldog thats not it. There is none.

  7. i hope you will upload the samples for my beautiful dark twisted fantasy