Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jay-Z & The Engineers - Reasonable Gangster

Now here's an American Gangster remix album that I've been waitin' on for quite some time. This one's called Reasonable Gangster, and as you might imagine it combines elements from Jay-Z first and latest albums, Reasonable Doubt and American Gangster. Vocals come courtesy from AG of course, but the cool thing about the production on this mixtape is that the original beats from RD are scrapped. Instead, The Engineers re-flipped and re-tooled the o.g. samples from RD and crafted them into their own creations. Very, very cool. I'd like to think that my sample set for Reasonable Doubt was somehow involved in this process...

Here's the download link for The Engineers' new mixtape Reasonable Gangster! Enjoy:

And for those that missed out, here are the original samples from the two Jigga albums in question:

P.S. Phat shouts to DatPiff for the original download link