Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Insomniacs Club: John Forté is Free!!!

It seems like George W.A.R. Bush is tryin' to redeem himself with the hip hop community. Go figure! For those that don't know, Dubya just commuted the sentence of rapper John Forté. Here's what Talib Kweli had to say about Forté's pardoning:
The Best Thing About George Bush’s Presidency

I feel on top of the world right now! Congratulations to my brother, friend and partner in rhyme John Forte.
I just read that he was pardoned by George Bush and will be released Dec 22nd, same day as my Idle Warship show at BB Kings in NYC.
The show will be my official John Forte celebration.
wow. This is a great day.
Hi Tek says wassup we banging out that Reflection as I write. Gyeah!


  1. *Cues up Ye's "Celebration"" and the year's suprises don't stop. Read this sentecne slowly to fully comprehend: George W. Bush pardons Rapper John Forte. I guess after the election this year, nothing should suprise me anymore. Oh well, It's a celebration, ***thces!!!

    (Oh Yeah, Ivan, Hope you stop By Lyrics some time, I'm trying to keep my schedule tight like dreds)

  2. Shout out to Carly Simon, who was supporting Forte's release for years. That sounds as weird as Bush pardoning him.

    (Down side of this is Forte's been singing rather than rapping in jail.)

  3. Carly Simon? Wow! Whudathunkit!?