Friday, October 17, 2008

The Tape Deck: Volume #9 (Reviews)

Yup, Volume #9 is already here (damn, two volumes in 24 hours)! This set's really cool because it features the return of three great emcees: Eminem, Cam'ron and Knoc-turn'al. As you'll soon find out, only one of these three take the gold IMO. There's plenty of great music here to hold you down for the weekend! You know where you can "get them" right? ;-D

Aight, here we go:

40 Glocc - On Tha Blocc (feat. Busta Rhymes & Chamillionaire)
There's another version of this track with Tekneek instead of Chamillionaire. As far as I know, this one right here is the official mix, but I could be wrong. The beat is strictly West Coast with sinister strings and snares, along with an equally grim chorus. This trio puts in a commendable effort. Not much I can say to knock this track; solid all the way! It's always great to hear the three coasts (West, East, Third) on one track.
Ace the Voice Valentine - Shoot, Shoot (feat. Treach)
This track starts off with a gripping scene from the film The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (watch the scene here). Ace and Treach of Naughty by Nature then proceed to sling bars over the raucous instrumental to the Wu-Tang Clan's "Unpredictable" from 8 Diagrams. Quotable: "Yeah, I roll with bosses/ Got Democrats in office, but I still move cautious/".
Busta Rhymes - World Go Round
The instrumental "World Go Round" sounds like a hip hop remake of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by The Eurythmics. With that being said, only a few emcees could pull this off. Busta Rhymes is one of those emcees. Sure, I'd rather hear him hurl his vocals over these kinds of tracks, but this works pretty well too. I'm not too satisfied with the chick on the hook though...
Cam'ron - Owe Me (Oh No You Didn't) (Juelz Santana Diss)
See, this is what the game's been missing! Truth be told, it's always difficult to see my favorite rap cliques fall apart; Dipset is no exception. On this interesting diss track, Killa Cam goes in on his former ally, Juelz Santana. Cam implements the theme song for Mercenaries 2: World In Flames (by The Wojahn Brothers... which I've included as the last track in this volume of The Tape Deck). Only Cam could take a fruity song like this and make it this great. Cam goes in on the economic issues he and Juelz have disputed over for the past few years. I eagerly anticipate Juelz' reply.
Ciara & AC - Go Girl (Remix) (Prod. by Mental Instruments)
Friend of the site AC does what he always does: add his dose of humor and wit to commercial tracks. AC picks a collab with the Energizer Playboy Bunny, Ms. Ci-Ci, calling her "the Michelle to my Obama". As the beat switches and alternates, AC picks up the pace and spits at surprisingly high tempos. Phat shouts to Mental Instruments for transforming this song -- the original beat, that is -- into something much, much better.
Coldplay - Lost! (Remix feat. Jay-Z)
Whaaaaat? This is the big remix we were hearing about? What a disappoint. Chris Martin spends all this time with Jay and all he could get from him was a verse from a freestyle from two years ago? That's right y'all, this verse comes from the infamous "Grammy Family" freestyle that Jay dropped over at Hot 97. Great verse, no doubt, but this is still a downer... I thought I was gonna hear "Beach Chair II". Instead all we got was some choppy remix that any mix DJ (or anonymous dude with a laptop, such as myself) could have put together.
Crumm & Ne-Yo - Take Your Time
Remember Crumm? Well, his folks shot me over a new track he did over a Ne-Yo original. The result is a smooth track that's perfect for your whip. As always, Crumm kicks some bars on that heavy lyrical tip. Pay attention to the words, 'cause "the South got lyrics"!
D.I.T.C. (AG & OC) - Time Travel (Prod. by Lord Finesse)
Some of the East Coast's finest are here to remind you that hip hop will never die. The duo spends time retracing the group's roots as they make references to Big L, Black Rob and jail sentences. This one's for the heads. "Y'all get 'The Gas Face' like 3rd Bass/".
Dilated Peoples - The Last Is First (Prod. by The Alchemist)
ALC produces yet another grimy soundscape for EV and Rakaa to catch wreck. Between a Jadakiss chorus ("Transforming pain into millions"), the People kick some Left-centric bars interspersed with some political jawn.
Eminem - I'm Having a Relapse
Em is talented. I believe he's still got "it" in him. But this track is not the proper way to "come back". It reminds me of those shitty tracks he made back in the day that are/were responsible for his slump in the first place!! Yo Em: I heard you were working with Premo. We need some of that! Now!
Jazzanova - Look What You're Doin' To Me (feat. Phonte)
Phonte gets soulful on this little ditty with Berlin group Jazzanova. This is mood music right here.
Kanye West - Coldest Winter (Radio Rip)
I'm obligated to keep you in the know on new tracks, but I'm sorry I have to do this to you. I'm sorry I have to be witnessing this. Kanye has transformed from the best split emcee/producer to the shittiest pop singer in existence next to Paris Hilton.
Kanye West - Heartless
Yeah, more of this shit. To be fair, this is better than the "Winter" joint by far. But the more and more I listen to these new tracks by Kanye, the more I get the sense that he's just making this stuff for the money. He's seen the success that Weezy and T-Pain have garnered over the years so I suppose he figured "hey, I'll dominate the game by putting out an entire album of this bubble gum pop trash". Ugh...
Killer Mike - Sampson (Wednesday Night Bible Study)
Apparently Killer Mike couldn't wait 'til Sunday to drop another track in his weekly series. Mike is on his storytelling A game with this one.
One-2 & Knoc-turn'al - I'll Be Damn
I dunno who One-2 is, but I know all about Knoc! It's nice to hear that he's still alive. This track ain't nothin' special though... ;(
Rick Ross & T.I. - Live Your Life (Remix) (feat. Rihanna)
Rawls try to save his career after C.O.Gate. Keep on pushin' boss...
Skyzoo - Speed Racing (feat. Little Brother & Chaundon)
Catchy sample, smooth rhythm and solid lyricism by competent emcees are what make a great track. This archive set is turning into something epic with each new track.
Stat Quo - That's Me
What the hell is this shit!?!? This track is horrible. 'nuff said.
T.I. & Akon - Hero
Great duo! Unfortunately for 'Tip and 'Kon, I believe that Nas already laid stake to the "hero" title this year. Regardless, this track is pretty damn good. Akon works his pop/grimy production skills to perfection as Mr. Harris kicks some threatening rhymes. But wait, I thought that T.I. was "Dead and Gone". Heh...
Usher - Take U There (feat. Beanie Sigel)
I'll always spend some time to hear some new music by the Mack. This one starts out nice with a simple, soulful mood; but it gets boring really, really quickly. So... thumbs down.
Wojahn Brothers - Oh No You Didn't (Mercenaries 2 Theme Song)
Since Cam decided to flip this hysterical track, I felt it was my duty to include it in the very same volume of The Tape Deck even though it's already a couple months old. Enjoy! (BTW, this track gets 4.5 tracks for catchiness + the fact that Cam did his thing wit' it).